domenica 17 novembre 2013

GLI ILLUMINATI "Lumen Gentium" LP (Teen Sound Records)

Gli Illuminati from Rome are back with their second full-lenght, on Teen Sound Records this time around. The Beat Italiano Mass tradition continues with this great new selection of original and covers. From straight Beat to Psych, raga rock to almost hard psych, these guys know their shit real well! Read the introduction by James Lowe of The Electric Prunes who totally digs their version of Kirie Eleison: Some go through life in the "safe" lane, others race along the edge. Gli Illuminati pass all the speed bump tests with Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy). This fuzztronic movement from the Catholic mass is a Unity Prayer that congers up images of robed monks or perhazps glowing angels floating along dark hallways upping their distortion units to eleven. We salute the adventurous lane changing spirit, reverent buzzing and freak out ending. Cool! Check out their medley video on You tube as well! Gli Illuminati are back!

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